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CLOUDFLOW is a compact, modern, and modular system for running automated graphics production workflows in a private computing cloud.
All CLOUDFLOW interfaces are developed in HTML5, so workflows can be controlled from any web browser or computing tablet. To keep up with customer demands, many print service providers have multiple file servers or even multiple production locations, which can make it difficult to track digital assets and balance production workloads. But CLOUDFLOW solves this problem by managing all assets and production within a private printing "cloud", where they can be accessed from any location through an intuitive browser interface.
CLOUDFLOW is also compatible with any RIP or output device that you already own, and it is designed for ease of use. With today's tight deadlines, your customer service reps (CSRs) are a critical part of the production workflow, and CLOUDFLOW enables them to collaborate with customers and prepress to meet your customers' deadlines!

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