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R10-35 RECON Gravure Engraving Machine




✯ Characteristics


◆ Years proved iron casted machine base
◆ Newest DMA electronic components
◆ Better protection for key components
◆ Individual control cabinet


◆ Prior Screening
Technique -WYSWYE

The Prior Screening Technique of DMA Innotec allows checking the real engraving-data (What You See Is What You Engrave) and retouching before engraving.

PDF Based Workflow

DMA R10 can directly accept PDF data format, which is a safe, fast, compact and worldwide approved modern file format.

Multi Language Support

Machine user interface ZMI and JobCreator have language options English, German and Chinese. Languages can be easily switched on the fly.

◆ Easy Operation

DMA R10 is operated by touch screen and keyboard on the basis of a Windows-PC with user-friendly system software.

✯ Special Features

FFC (First Full Cell)
DMA R10 engraves full-size cell from the first row/cut with sharp edge results.
Complete Digital Control System/ PTP
Full digital control without analog signals.
Get more ink volune.
Cell engraving is precisely controlled by
Point to Point Technique and optimal edge.
ONE PATCH Technique
DMA R10 can engrave Images and very small texts with high resolution
in one path at 8KHz, which improves the productivity efficiently.

DMA R10 can engrave text as small as 4pt with good result. The quality is similar to laser engraving (Sim-Laser)


    R10-35 Recon
Dimension(LxWxH) 7000mm x 900mm x 1500mm
(depend on bath length)
Total weight approx. 8000kg
Recon. space 9000mm x 2010mm x 3000mm
(depend on bath length)
Hollow cylinder  
Face length Max. 3500mm (depend on bath length)
Circumference Max. 2200mm
Shaft cylinder  
Face length Max. 3500mm (depend on bath length)
Length incl. shafts Max. 4200mm
Circumference Max. 2200mm
Cylinder weight Hollow : Max. 300kg ; Shaft : Max. 500kg



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