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R10-22 Gravure Engraving Machine Series
• R10-22 is used for larger size cylinder in high end market.
• R10-22A is special for full automatic engraving, auto test cut and dot measuring

✯ First Class Quality Engraving

- Integratable with automatic production line
- Achieving fast production
- DMA machine is compatible with existing machine
- Improving production efficiency
- High resolution, fully digital engraving head amplifier and synchronisation unit

✯ New Features

          Automatic lifting system

◆ Automatic cylinder positioning
◆ Automatic loading and unloading
◆ Synchronous clamping

          Laser fence protection

◆ Keep staff from dangerous areas

          Automatic camera

◆ Adapted on support axis, auto alignment
◆ Auto positioning after engraving
◆ Automatic amplifier adjustment
◆ Full 2D distortion correct Automatic camera

          Runout measurement 

◆ Measurement with mechanical, tactile sensor
◆ Option: optical, contactless Laser sensor



          Inside temperature control (Optional)

◆ Bring constant temperature when engraving
◆ To provide stable engraving result


✯ Characteristics


◆ Support driven by linear motor
◆ Absolut encoder with high resolution 
◆ Automatic adjustment and measurement of cell parameters
◆ Synchrone clamping for the engraving cylinder
◆ Position controlled drum lift and door movement
◆ Engineered in Germany
◆ Robust and modern construction
◆ Solid iron cast base
◆ Better protection for key components 


◆ Prior Screening Technique – WYSWYE
The Prior Screening Technique of DMA Innotec allows check of the real engraving-data (What You See Is What You Engrave) and retouching before engraving.
◆ PDF Based Workflow
DMA R10 can directly accept PDF data format, which is a safe, fast, compact and worldwide approved modern file format.
◆ Easy Operation
DMA R10 is operated by touch screen and keyboard on the basis of a Windows-PC with user-friendly system software.
◆ Multi Language Support
Machine user interface ZMI and JobCreator have language options English, German and Chinese. Languages can be easily switched on the fly.

✯ Special Features

◆ FFC (First Full Cell)

DMA R10 engraves full-size cell from the first row/cut with sharp edge results.
◆ Complete Digital Control System/ PTP

Full digital control without analog signals.
Get more ink volune.
Cell engraving is precisely controlled by
Point to Point Technique and optimal edge.
◆ Sim-Laser 

DMA R10 can engrave text as small as 4pt with good result. The quality is similar to laser engraving (Sim-Laser)

◆ Multi-path Engraving

DMA R10 can producr lager/deeper cells through multi-path (2-3 times) engraving on the same position, reaches, for example


✯ Technical Data

Model No. DMA R10-22 DMA R10-22A (Auto. Plating Line)
 Dimension (LxWxH)
 5200mm x 1300mm x 1680mm
 5200mm x 1300mm x 1680mm
 Total weight
 approx. 6200kg
 approx. 6600kg
 Recom. space
 6100mm x 2800mm x 2250mm
 6100mm x 2800mm x 2250mm
 Hollow cylinder
 Face length
 Shaft cylinder
 Face length
 Length incl. shafts
 Cylinder weight
 max. 400kg
 max. 400kg


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