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Redot Pro
- Handheld integrated design
- Portable and compact size
- 7" HD touch screen, all operation can be finished by simple touch
- Android OS, no need to connect to computer and power supply 
- High definition optical lens, maximum magnification is up to 1500x
- Precise measured with length, angle degree and surface by microns
- Save by a button as easy operation.
- Able to save photo and measuring data together, convenience for process
- Built-in rechargeable battery can be continuously used for at least 2 hours

Measured Function:

• Straight Line • Angle • Area • Paralle Line • Point to Line Verticle • Hexagonal Volume
• Triangual 
Volume • Cell Depth

Straight Line  Angle Area Paralle Line
 Point to Line Verticle  Hexagonal Volume Triangual Volume  Cell Depth

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