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R10-16 Gravure Engraving Machine Series
A new generation of gravure engraving machine – DMA R10 Series used the brand-new full digital controlling technology, closed-loop control theory and the modern manufacturing technology; it also achieved several innovations and breakthroughs in technical functions on the basic of the current engraving technology, such as fine text engraving and more ink volume

✯ Hardware - Machine Construction


◆ Designed in Germany
◆ Robust and modern construction
◆ Solid iron cast base 
◆ Better protection for key components
◆ Remote online suppor


✯ Software


◆ Prior Screening Technique – WYSWYE
The Prior Screening Technique of DMA Innotec allows check of the real engraving-data (What You See Is What You Engrave) and retouching before engraving.
◆ PDF Based Workflow
DMA R10 can directly accept PDF data format, which is a safe, fast, compact and worldwide approved modern file format.
◆ Easy Operation
DMA R10 is operated by touch screen and keyboard on the basis of a Windows-PC with user-friendly system software.
◆ Multi Language Support
Machine user interface ZMI and JobCreator have language options English, German and Chinese. Languages can be easily switched on the fly.
◆ V-Cam 2D
Especially developed on-line measuring camera
- auto-alignment (applied to drum of 100mm diameter or plane surfaces)
- automatic measurement
- selectable field of view - no changes of optical parts necessary
- telecentric lens design for high precision measurement
- 2-dimensional transformation unit for selecting the field of view

✯ Special Features

◆  Complete digital control system/ PTP (point-to-point)
Full digital control without analog signals. Cell engraving is precisely controlled by Point to Point Technique (PTP).
◆  Engraving head - True 8KHz
Engraving frequency at real 8KHz.
◆ FFC (First Full Cell Technique)
DMA R10 can engrave full-size cell from the 1st row/cut with sharp edge result.
◆ Sim-Laser
Sim-Laser allows to engrave smaller text like 4pt with good result, the quality is similar to laser engraving.
◆ ONE PATH Technique
DMA R10 can engrave images and very small texts with high resolution in one path at 8KHz.
◆ Multi-path Engraving
DMA R10 series can achieve the larger/deeper cell by multi-path engraving for 2~3 times on the same position, reach max. depth to max. 65μm – 60L/C angle 3 for example

✯ Technical Data

Model No. DMA R10-16
 Di​mension (LxWxH) 3620mm x 1120mm x 1560mm
 Total weight approx. 4100kg
 Recom. space  4500mm x 2500mm x 2200mm
 Hollow cylinder  
 Face length 200mm-1600mm
 Circumference  320mm-1400mm
 Shaft cylinder  
 Face length 200mm-1200mm
 Length incl. shafts 300mm-1600mm
 Circumference 320mm-1400mm
 Cylinder weight max. 200kg

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