Frankfurt am main, Germany - 12 May 2016


At DRUPA 2016 in Dusseldorf/Germany, DMA Innotec will introduce a new engraving machine – the DMA R10 Series. It is designed, engineered and manufactured based on today’s latest technology and decades of experience of the DMA Innotec team. The DMA R10 Series has full digital control and runs at constant 8KHz engraving speed. The unique technical features FFC (First Full Cell) and PTP (Point to Point) achieve the excellent quality of fine texts and line works. The ONE PATH technology allows images and very small texts to be engraved in one path at 8 KHz, which improves the production efficiently. For optimal productivity and quality, DMA R10 is integrated with the user friendly Packz PDF-based workflow editor from HYBRID Software for directly accepting PDF format. Gravure printer responded that the cylinders engraved by DMA R10 have more ink volume/density and DMA R10 is compatible with the current engraving machines, which brings lots of advantages for the users.

DMA R10-16 engraving machine will be presented at DRUPA 2016 at the DMA Innotec booth in Hall 13 F25.



About DMA Innotec

DMA Innotec is an innovative high-tech Company Group based in Germany and Taiwan. Its core competence lies in comprehensive know-how of the latest technologies in industrial process and control systems, electronic engraving and engraving head. DMA Innotec is driven by the customers’ demands and focused on R&D and applications of engraving technologies. Sustainable innovation, reliable service, constructive cooperation are its keys to long-term customer relations.

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