DMA R10 Series Features

Complete digital control system/ PTP (point-to-point)

Full digital control without analog signals. Cell engraving is precisely controlled by Point to Point Technique (PTP).
Engraving Head - True 8KHz

Engraving frequency at real 8KHz.    
FFC (First Full Cell Technique)
DMA R10 can engrave full-size cell from the 1st row/cut with sharp edge result.
Sim-Laser allows to engrave smaller text like 4pt with good result, the quality is similar to laser engraving. Sim-Laser
ONE PATH Technique
DMA R10 can engrave images and very small texts with high resolution in one path at 8KHz. 
Multi-path Engraving
DMA R10 can produce larger/deeper cells through multi-path (2 – 3 times) engraving on the same position, reaches depth max. 65μm – 60L/C angle 3 for example.


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