Technical Advantages
DMA R10 Series Technical Advantages


Hardware - About machine construciton
◆ Designed in Germany
Robust and modern construction
Solid iron cast base
Better protection for key components
◆ Remote online support


◆ Prior Screening Technique – WYSWYE
The Prior Screening Technique of DMA Innotec allows check of the real engraving-data (What You See Is What You Engrave) and retouching before engraving.


◆ PDF Based Workflow
DMA R10 can directly accept PDF data format, which is a safe, fast, compact and worldwide approved modern file format.





◆ Easy Operation
DMA R10 is operated by touch screen and keyboard on the basis of a Windows-PC with user-friendly system software.


◆ Multi Language Support
Machine user interface ZMI and JobCreator have language options English, German and Chinese. Languages can be easily switched on the fly.


◆ V-Cam 2D
Especially developed on-line measuring camera
- auto-alignment (applied to drum of 100mm diameter or plane surfaces)
- automatic measurement
- selectable field of view - no changes of optical parts necessary
- telecentric lens design for high precision measurement
- 2-dimensional transformation unit for selecting the field of view


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